Made in the USA

Every Negg® is Made in the USA

A Note from Bonnie & Sheila on Made in America

The first Negg® prototype was created on a 3D printer in our local Connecticut library.  We were new to manufacturing, but from the beginning we were determined to keep it Made in America. Each piece of the Negg® — every step — is still completed here. This means that we can oversee the entire production, from manufacturing to shipping.

We learned in the beginning that a trademark, and a patent are essential parts of any viable invention.  Without them you quickly become overrun by the counterfeiters.  Little did we know that Made in America would come to include defending ourselves in American courts, but we were and still are determined not to be run out of business by these illegal manufacturers. Keeping these products off of third-party e-commerce channels has proven extremely difficult, and our fight receives little to no support from these third party sellers.

As a result, we have taken many of the counterfeiters to court. Even with that important step forward, the online selling of counterfeit Neggs® has continued. We’re in an endless race to keep the fakes out of the U.S. marketplace. Tackling intellectual property law and pursuing lawsuits was a bit out of the scope when we decided to invent an egg peeler. But this has now become much more than a fight for the Negg®. We need to enforce the laws that protect U.S. innovators from trademark and patent infringement. In doing so, we also protect the consumer from stumbling into a knock off that might, in fact, be harmful. We hope that what we are going through will help make it easier for the other small business inventors who are struggling with incessant infringements and illegal counterfeiting. We will continue to fight this fight.

If you are a small business with a similar problem, please feel free to contact us.  We have much too much experience with this, and can offer some good advice - including a resounding recommendation for our lawyers, Ference & Associates, LLC, in Pittsburgh, PA. 

We are proud to create the Negg® Entirely in America, thereby supporting innovation, our economy, and your egg-peeling efforts. We appreciate your support during this new experience. Please always reach out to us if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions.

Happy Peeling,

Bonnie & Sheila


January 1, 2019