We know there are those of you out there that are skeptical about the Negg®. Well, a few of you took the chance, and this is some of the feedback we have had.  These are unedited comments from our Amazon, Grommet, and HSN customers.

8/7/2020: Amazed, just did my first 3 eggs and worked great, just add a little water and the egg, lightly shake for a bit and open and take off shell with no work at all.


8/7/2020 Best gadget I ever bought:

I never thought peeling eggs would be fun. Completely lifts the shell & egg comes out perfect. It also reduces the time of peeling & picking off the shell pieces while losing half the egg! I even bought one for my daughter.


8/7/2020 Works Great, Worth the Money:

Works great, shake it up, then the whole shell comes off with a pinch.


7/30/2020 Easy:

Works great! Just don’t shake it too hard LOL.


7/28/2020 Good Product: 

Easy to use and clean. My dislike is that both ends can come open if not held together while in use.

  • The Negg caps snap on and are water tight. If you are unable to close the Negg caps, please reach out and we will get you a new one! –The Negg® Team


7/28/2020 This is Awesome:

This is amazing!!! It really works!!

7/28/2020 Works:

It makes it easier to peel eggs.


I tried my Negg for the first time today and felt I had to email you right away - I'm that excited about this product.  I love hard boiled eggs and have searched all my life for an easy way to peel them.  You have to understand that I live in a part of the country with very hard water - Syracuse, NY.  Peeling a boiled egg here is akin to having a tooth pulled.  It's such a struggle that it's just not worth the effort and, frankly, I had given up.  While I love deviled eggs and would usually prepare them for holidays, the amount of effort required was unrealistic especially as I'm 65 years old now and suffer with arthritic hands.

Your product has given me back the ability to enjoy egg salad sandwiches, deviled eggs and everyday hardboiled eggs!  Thank you so much and you can be very sure that I will tell all my friends and family to purchase one.  I even think it would be a perfect wedding shower gift and in fact,  plan on buying a Negg for my husband's niece's upcoming shower!

Best of luck with this product and thanks again from a grateful new owner!

9/9/2018: This product is AMAZING! My boyfriend loves hard boiled eggs and I HATE peeling eggs! But, they are great for whatever ridiculous diet we're on this month. I found this product and thought I'd give it a shot. The Negg has changed my life! I just peeled a dozen eggs in less than 5 minutes. It easy, quick, and we just throw it in the dishwasher to clean it (top shelf). I highly recommend it. Worth every penny. I'd buy 5 more if I had any reason to have 5 more!

8/29/2018: This product is amazing, if you follow the very specific directions on how to boil the eggs! When used correctly the shell does slip off effortlessly!! I eat a lot of hard boiled eggs, and am so,happy with my purchase. I just peeled 13 eggs perfectly in approx. 3-5 minutes!

8/21/2018: I was using my Negg alone with great results because this actually does what it says it does. When you add an Instant Pot boiled egg to the Negg, it's even better! I peeled a dozen eggs in less than 7 minutes. I am so impressed with this little tool! My shells came off nearly completely intact, and the egg slipped out of that shell so fast I had a hard time holding on th them. LOVE this!

8/10/2018: I honestly thought this would work SO-SO at best. I boiled three eggs after receiving the Negg to give it a try. To my shock the Negg worked perfectly. Shell came off completely clean in one try with my thumb. WELL DONE. I am only 3 eggs in but I can tell I will always be using this going forward.

7/26/2018: It is deceptively simple. I don't understand exactly why it is so effective but it really is. Saves time, mess, and frustration!

7/25/2018: Without a doubt the best item I have ever purchased from the Grommet.

7/4/2018: I don't usually post reviews, but this little guy really pleased me. I've been boiling eggs for years, often for deviled eggs, and tried all sorts of ways to boil them so that they peel smoothly. Sometimes met with success, but often not. With this little device, I simply put room temperature eggs in water, brought them to a boil, cooked for 15 minutes (high altitude), dumped them into ice water, and shook them in this. A dozen eggs, peeled perfectly and easily. For such a little thing, I'm impressed!

6/14/2018: Wasn't sure about spending the money on this, but am so glad I did. We eat boiled.deviled eggs frequently & trying to peel them when the shell sticks is very annoying. This makes it so easy & efficient! Well worth the cost. I am going to buy a couple more for gifts.

5/29/2018: I would not be without a Negg...love it. In fact, I bought another in case I misplaced mine or something happened to it. If you leave them in the ice water a little more than the five minutes suggested, the shell comes off the whole egg upon shaking. Thank you Negg!

5/10/2018: This egg peeler really works! Follow the boiling instructions and peeling is easy-peasy. Before I bought this, I used a mason jar substitute before spending the money. The mason jar works, but not nearly as well as the Negg. I recommend it to anyone who peels boiled eggs more than twice a year.

4/21/2018: The Negg performed flawlessly for me and I am delighted! I used extra large organic brown eggs and followed the cooking instructions eggsactly! I am delighted!

4/1/2018: Thought it was great! Have to be willing to follow their suggestions: put eggs in after water boils, they said 12 minutes, 15 worked better. Put in ice bath after you pour off boiling water. I wanted to make deviled eggs and usually half of them are raggedy. Every one came out of shell beautifully. I was amazed.

3/26/2018: The Negg is amazing! It makes peeling eggs so incredibly easy. I feel like I’m performing magic whenever I use it! If you ever eat hard boiled eggs or anything involving them, you want the Negg in your life.


3/13/2018: Amazing! It actually works! No "negg"ative review from me!

2/9/2017: I normally don’t buy all the latest kitchen gadgets. But decided to try this one and I don’t regret investing in it. It makes peeling eggshells effortless. It’s simple and genius.

2/5/2018: I got the N’Egg for my elderly dad who would (I’m not kidding) call me daily at work to ask for tips on peeling his stubborn eggs. He’s delighted and now we have slightly less frequent conversations about all sorts of things! So for us, it isn’t only a great product, but a gateway to better conversation. I bought one for my home too, just because it’s fun, and we all love it. Most importantly:easy to clean.

1/3/2018: I have arthritis and my thumb joints have been removed. Peeling eggs was a major PIA. This gadget is incredible. It is easy to use and fun. Now I can make boiled eggs whenever I want. Sweet.

12/30/2017: My wife loathes my kitchen gadgets.

Except this one.


12/25/2017: This is awesome and works perfectly. I'd not been eating boiled eggs because I HATE peeling them. I read all the good and bad reviews for this product and watched the video. Was skeptical but went ahead and ordered it. SO glad that I did. It works perfectly and so easy to clean up - just a quick rinse and it's ready for tomorrow. I put in the egg, add 1 capful of water, then shake. You don't need to shake it hard, just follow how it's done in the video. About 8-12 shakes and you can hear the shell coming off. What I like BEST is that it also takes the membrane, which was always such a pain to remove the "old way".

8/29/2017: Hi Bonnie First of all let me congratulate you on your invention, women are some of the smartest people I know! Just purchased 3 Neggs, 1 forNeggs, 1 for me and 2 as hospitality gifts for my sister and sister in -law. I'm always proud to support a female entrepreneur and a product that is made in the USA!

8/25/2017:  I completely skeptical the first time I bought this. We purchased it first on Grommet and tried it out. I was amazed. Put the right amount of water in, drop in your hard boiled egg, close the lid, and shake. It's that easy. Most of the time the shell just slides right off as you are taking the egg out of the container. When I once had super fresh eggs, I had a little bit of difficulty with two of 24 I was using for an egg salad, but it was not nearly the trouble you experience when you hard boil a really fresh egg. I just had a few pieces to pull off.

Once we knew it worked so well, it was definitely worth the price. I purchased this one and sent to my mom as a gift because I knew she would never spend this amount to get it for herself. She's always doing deviled eggs, egg salad, and macaroni salad with eggs for church potlucks and I wanted it to be easier for her. She's used it several times and loves it!

5/23/2017: this thing is so cool. i had doubts, but it works just like it shows.

5/20/2017: OMG. I bought this just because I knew it wouldn't work. But guest what I made 1/2 dozen eggs and after I cooked the eggs I had them peeled in 30 seconds. I love it and I am buying 4 more to give to my grand-daughters.

5/20/2017: I was skeptical. I shouldn't have been. Wow. This works.

5/18/2017: As they say, I was skeptical, but I will say that this little tool works great. Almost every egg came out perfectly. It cuts the 'de-shelling' time in half!

5/17/2017: I wanted to call this review, the best thing since sliced bread, but my Amish friends really like unsliced bread.

I bought one of these little buggers, knowing that it wouldn't work. I was sure, it arrived and then I read the directions, "shake until you feel the egg soften" and rolled my eyes. Really? But as the intrepid scientist I hope to be, I hard boiled a dozen eggs, farm fresh, all layed the same day. There were less than a week old. I tried to peel 6 of the eggs the traditional way, and none emerged without blemish, 3 were nearly completely destroyed.

Then I put an egg in the Negg, and shook it, and I ... FELT THE EGG SOFTEN (the first few hits are hard and loud, but then it gets quieter and ... softer). I took it out and it peeled perfectly. I was AMAZED! At the end, 4 of them were perfect, one was slightly torn and 1 was minimally damaged, but easily usable.

WOW! I can't believe it. This really is "Almost Perfect".

5/15/2017:  My wife was a sceptic, but she's now a believer!

5/12/2017:  I saw this perusing your site (TheGrommet.com) and had my doubts it could work as well as described; but I make a lot of deviled eggs and dread the peeling process---no more! Had I known how well it worked, you could have doubled the price and I would have paid it happily. Thank you for this amazing product!

5/6/2017: Works as advertised. Who would have thought!

 3/23/2017: Makes peeling eggs a lot more fun. Cool eggs completely and follow included instructions. Add a little water, the hard-boiled egg and shake, shake, shake. It cracks up the shell, sorry Humpty, and the shell peels right off.